Trying To Talk To This Psychopath Took A Mental And Emotional Toil On This Officer
Trying To Talk To This Psychopath Took A Mental And Emotional Toil On This Officer

"I was a detective, and of course had to cover calls on a rotation. I was on call on Halloween one night and got a call about a shooting that had just occurred in a decent part of town. I was already out due to another incident and decided to head on that way figuring if there was anything to it, I would get called anyways. Being that it was Halloween and the part of town I was going to, I, of course, thought this was just another prank call. As I'm heading to the call, dispatch advised that they are getting multiple calls and reports of multiple victims. With this, I realized this probably wasn't a prank call, and actually ended up being the first person on the scene. Turns out that some kids were trick or treating, and when they knocked on the door of this one house, the guy inside freaked out and unloaded a weapon through the glass door, into two kids and the father. The kids were older than 10 years old but younger than 14. The oldest child took most of the bullets, killing him. The father and the younger child survived.

I then spent three hours interviewing the suspect. I've interviewed a lot of suspects, murderers included, and this was the most mentally and physically exhausting interview of my life. That was almost eight years ago, and the whole thing still haunts me."

"You Could Taste The Blood In The Air"

"I'm terrible with dates, but I'll never forget October 26, 2013.

This was in Brooklyn. Squad called an '85.' A neighbor had called in an assault in progress, and the detective squad happened to be on same the block for another reason. They got there fast and met the perp coming out the front door. We get there a couple minutes after as the perp is being walked in handcuffs to the car. I went into the house to see if everybody was ok and what the '85' was about. Long story short, perp hacked a woman and her four kids (infant to 12 years old) to death with a meat cleaver. Mom and oldest were still breathing when we came in the door, but not for long after that. Three babies were all in the back bedroom. The apartment looked pretty much like what you would imagine if you tried to imagine something like that. You could taste the blood in the air, there was so much of it. When I walked out to get a look at the perp, a detective told me, 'See if you can get his name but don't ask him anything else.' The guy was seated in the backseat in handcuffs and had a look in his eyes that I can't even begin to describe. The devil was let loose in that apartment."

This Officer Discovered What Genuine Fear Sounded Like
This Officer Discovered What Genuine Fear Sounded Like

"I once had a call in a major metropolitan area during my probational period. The fire department called us for help saying they had been threatened with by knife-wielding maniac while attempting to render aid to someone. My partner and I got there and saw the fire department just standing around, so we're thinking, okay this guy is probably gone, and we will have to just take a report for them and get to our next call.

That's the first time I heard the screams of someone about to die; the shrill terror in a person's voice is completely distinguishable from your everyday scream for help or yells of anger. It sends a shiver down your spine.

My partner and I didn't have time for backup to arrive or make a tactical plan, so we entered an apartment complex by ourselves and followed the screams until we located their source. I kicked in the door and we entered to find that knife-wielding madman stabbing a woman in the chest. Shots are fired and the man goes down.

As though a scene from a movie after the shooting, backup comes running in to clear the rest of the apartment while I awkwardly handcuff this man who is bleeding all over my uniform.

This is also the first time I held a person while they were dying. The man passed away in the ambulance.

We later discovered the man was messed up and suffering from mental illness; he had attempted to kill himself a week prior and failed, so the higher-ups believe this is how he wanted to finish himself off.

The woman survived."

This Simple Door-To-Door Patrol Turned Into An Absolute Nightmare
This Simple Door-To-Door Patrol Turned Into An Absolute Nightmare

"We received a call from a concerned neighbor in an apartment complex, informing us that a female upstairs was screaming for help. My partner and I conducted a knock and talk, and a very large male answered the door wearing boxers. We asked him if anyone else was in the apartment. The guy looked back towards the bedroom, turned back at us, and paused for a second before saying no. My partner and I looked at each other sensing something was wrong. We looked down and observed blood on the tile floor and made entry. I spoke with the male in the living room, and see he was getting extremely worried. My partner walked into the bedroom and lost all color in his face. He stepped back and started shouting, 'Lock him up! NOW!' The guy then tried to make a run for it.

After he was detained, we returned to the room, and I saw a girl locked in a dog cage beaten half to death. The investigation revealed he had been holding her hostage in the apartment for several months, abusing her, selling her to sick weirdos, and forcing her to eat dog food. She was unable to stand. I believe both legs and arms were broken. Both eye sockets were so badly broken and bruised they swelled up over her eyes. The bed sheet, which I could only assume was once white, was completely covered in stains. I've been on the scene of somewhere around 100 murders, countless auto fatalities and everything in between, and to this day it's just about the only thing that gets to me. I couldn't understand how someone could be that evil.

When I returned to my patrol vehicle to run their information, I looked at her driver's license photo and couldn't recognize her, that's how badly she had been beaten. I've seen her once since the incident, she is now blind in both eyes and can still hardly walk. It sucks to think about how many times I'd been at that apartment building on other calls while she was locked in a cage and had probably been standing just feet away from her.

The entire time the suspect was in my back seat he was just staring me down through my rear view mirror with the smuggest grin on his face. I had to step out of the car and get away from him because I was getting so worked up. I don't think there's a punishment severe enough that monster."

The Only Thing They Could Do Was Hold This Little Girl In Their Arms
The Only Thing They Could Do Was Hold This Little Girl In Their Arms

"I responded to a child not breathing. Upon arrival, I find a 2-year-old girl unconscious on the cement kitchen floor. She is freezing cold, pale, foaming at the mouth, and barely breathing. I spent the next six hours by her side as detectives learned what happened to her. We later found out that her mom's boyfriend was pissed that she wouldn't stop crying, so he picked up by the waist, and slammed her on the ground. Twice.

When the mom got out of the shower, he told her she wasn't breathing right. The mom uses the girl's asthma inhaler twice and waits half an hour before she goes to her neighbor's house to call her mom. The neighbor overhears the conversation about the baby not breathing and takes it upon herself to call 911. The girl received a basal skull fracture which caused little seizures. She vomited several times but lay on her back for over an hour. She aspirated the vomit repeatedly.

For nearly two hours, that little girl lay on the ground with her skull bleeding into her brain, her body temp being sucked into the floor, trying to breathe vomit. And for the next six hours, I sat with her, and held her hand, stroked her hair, and watched her die. Hoping that her little brain shut down and blocked out everything that was happening. That case still makes me tear up to this day. And it was one of the three worst calls I've ever been on. I don't know how someone can do that to a baby."

The Smell Of Death Would Stay With Them Forever
The Smell Of Death Would Stay With Them Forever

"I've been in the Police for nearly two years now.

I was working a late shift on Christmas Eve, which is usually a matter of holding the fort and counting down the clock until the end of the shift.

We get a call, 'Sudden Death.' It was an elderly gentleman. A shame, but nothing more than what I assumed would be routine: inspecting the body for signs of trauma and calling the undertakers to remove the deceased.

We get there and go in to find the gentleman is lying on his sofa, with a duvet covering him. I perform the usual inspection of the house, looking for anything out of place or suspicious. Not that it'd be easy; the house was like your over the top hoarder's palace. After some inquiries, it became apparent that the gentleman had lost the use of his legs many years before and lived downstairs, relying on his daughter to care for him completely.

We have to inspect the body for any signs of trauma or suspicious marks prior to calling the undertaker so that we are sure that there is nothing abnormal in relation to the death.

We lifted off the duvet, as only his head was showing above it and I was rather taken aback and stunned. The main images that came to mind were the pictures from the liberation of the concentration camps, emaciated and starved corpses. This man had been dead for no more than four to five hours, yet he was all skin and bones.

He relied on his daughter to care for him, and she clearly had not been doing her job. He lay there, in his own filth, wasting away without anyone properly looking after him. It was utterly despicable.

Death has a very distinct smell. It clings to your uniform and your body. I finished my shift in the early hours of the morning, went home and tried to sleep. I couldn't. I just lay there, eyes wide open, the man's body and his haunting stare taking the centerpiece in my thoughts. In the end, I thought, screw it, I'm not going to sleep at this rate. I got in my car and drove the 100 miles to my parents to spend Christmas Day with them."

"I'm Going To Burn For This Aren't I?"

"A few years ago, we get sent as the second car to a family disturbance. Halfway there, we get updated to roll code 3 to a 'shots fired call' at the same house. We arrive and there is a young man with what looks like a stick in his hand lying on the ground already dead. My partners have an older man in handcuffs in the back of their unit. After speaking to a lady (the wife) and another young man (son) who were home, the story comes out. The family disturbance was the deceased young man breaking a chair and hitting his dad with the broken chair legs. Dad gets a weapon, warns son, son doesn't stop, dad shoots son in the face and kills him. I will never forget the way the father looked me in the eye and said, 'I'm going to burn for this, aren't I?'"

Catching This Pervert Was The Most Satifying Moment In This Officer's Career
Catching This Pervert Was The Most Satifying Moment In This Officer's Career

"He walked into a business right at closing time when there were no customers left and only one 18-year-old female employee. He took all the money that he could, then forced her to take off all her clothes and pleasure him. He then took her in the back room, tied her up, and assaulted her with the barrel of the weapon for several minutes before barricading the back room door so she couldn't get out and left her there.

Turns out, he was a former employee who had made several passes at the victim while they worked together, and been rejected every time. He was there to rob the place, but when he saw who was working, he figured he'd kill two birds with one stone.

Catching him was among the more satisfying moments of my career."

Even This Perp's Eyes Seeped With Creepiness
Even This Perp's Eyes Seeped With Creepiness

"We got a call for a home invasion. Three guys kicked down the front door with automatic weapons and put everyone on the ground. One of the sons who lived at the house was able to escape out the back. He ran to the neighbors and called 911.

Once the home invaders took their loot, they escaped to a yellow '90s Ford Mustang. The son saw all this and got into his car. He starts to follow the crew as they make their get-a-way while still on the phone with 911. Well, the bad guys see this and start shooting at the son who promptly backs off and loses sight of the guy.

While responding to the call, my sergeant spots their car. A small car chase follows until the bad guys crash into an abandoned business. Three guys bail from the car. The good thing for both of us was they left their weapons inside the car.

I'm there during all of this. We see one guy in a fenced commercial yard. He is stripping off his body armor and throwing down his belongings. I jump the fence and confront him. He freezes and you can see the gears in his head start working. He decides to give up and we detain him. Probably helped that a K9 officer was right behind me.

Other officers continue the search and find another guy inside a large trash can. The guy refuses to come out so they kick over the can. Right as they kick over the can, they release a dog who bites him on the top of the head. We never found the third guy.

Back to my guy now. Since there were still outstanding suspects, I kept him in the yard and was checking my surroundings until I could get bolt cutters to get out. He sneaks a phone call in by reaching into his front pocket and tells someone goodbye. I finally get him into a patrol car and read him his Miranda rights. The guy invokes and stays silent.

What was weird was how calm he was. He had a thousand-yard stare and didn't appear to have a care in the world. He had a monotone voice that just seeped creepiness.

The detectives finally arrived, and give me the scoop on him. Apparently, he was (is) a cartel hit man. He was in the states doing work when his girlfriend threatened to snitch. He took her out to the desert, bound her up, and then burned her alive. He was also a suspect in several other murders in town.

We eventually go to trial. He gets convicted and is currently serving 67 years. The other guy we caught was going to go to trial. However, he saw the outcome and decided to take a plea for 25 years."

What He Found Was Like A Scene Out Of A Horror Movie
What He Found Was Like A Scene Out Of A Horror Movie

"My worst was a reopening to a home for attempted suicide with the individual still armed with a knife. When we arrived, the suspect was walking down the side of the road at 3 a.m. covered in blood from having cut himself over most of his body with moderate to deep cuts. While we were standing around ordering him to drop the knife, he stood like a statue not saying anything but staring. This guy was a towering 6'5 foot 220-pound man who looked at me and said, 'I'm going to take your weapon and shoot him,' referring to my field training officer at the time who was similarly built to me.

I deployed a taser, which did nothing but anger him. My training officer deployed his which brought him down. Trying to handcuff a man covered in blood is terrifying considering all the bloodborne diseases you can contract. He was transported to the hospital for his self-inflicted wounds. Upon further investigation, this guy had been luring cats and dogs to him which he would end up killing and skinning.

In this guy's shed, he had a harvesting room where he would turn the pelts of these animals into clothing, you name it this guy had made it. The entire thing reminded me of some horror movie with a stench you could not stomach. That was my first week as a sworn officer. I've been on now for a year or so, and that is the only guy I have ever met I believe could have taken my weapon and killed me. He later was declared mentally competent and charged; he was not suicidal but angry because he messed up on one of his 'creations.'"

When He Found Out Who This Criminal Was, His Heart Dropped
When He Found Out Who This Criminal Was, His Heart Dropped

"Triple homicide suspect fled and was spotted by an officer in our city about 30 minutes after killing his final victim. There was a high-speed pursuit at 120 mph for 12 miles until he crashed and rolled his car. He was so disoriented it made it easy to arrest him. He had an arsenal in his car, and I'm sure he would have shot at us if not for rolling his car first. It was crazy coming down from the feeling of preparing to shoot and possibly kill somebody, I thought for sure it was going to be a shootout when he stopped.

Then I rode with him to the hospital in an ambulance. Got to talking with him and realized I went to school with him and knew his family. Really messed up."

This Victim Told The Officer
This Victim Told The Officer "This Is My Life Now"

"The suspect was approximately 40 years old and had a 15-year-old daughter. He was an addict who lived in complete squalor. They get evicted and the daughter gets taken into state custody. After a year of counseling, she finally discloses that her father would inject her with illegal stuff and violate her. The therapist comes to us, and we bring her in for an interview.

This girl, I believe may have been 17 by now, is no girl. She's intelligent, articulate, and lived well beyond her years. She details in remarkable detail how one night her father injects some substances into his right forearm. This happens several times. One night, he is extremely out of it, gets her on it too. As she is walking into the kitchen he pins her against the wall and violates her. This begins to happen on a regular basis.

The suspect eventually convinces his daughter to start bringing friends home. Suspect injects friends with the same substance and violates them as well. Daughter continues to bring different friends home so that dad will violate the friends rather than her. Eventually, when they get evicted, the father kicks his daughter to the curb, and two of daughter's friends go live out of dad's car in a nearby park.

While these kinds of things happen all the time, it was the victim that struck me. When asked why she didn't tell someone she replied, 'The first time it happened when he pinned me against the wall all I could remember thinking over and over: This is my life now.'

'This is my life now.'

I will remember those words for the rest of my life, as clear as they were said to me. I can still hear the inflection and tone in her voice.

About eight months later, I ran into one of the other victims, the daughter's friend. After the dad was evicted, he lived out of his car with her; she was 15 at the time. Initially, she was going to cooperate in prosecution, but she disappeared. She's 18 or 19 now. When I last saw her, I didn't recognize her until I saw her identification. Illegal substances and the streets have destroyed her. She won't be alive much longer."

Watching The CCTV Footage Brought This Officer To Tears
Watching The CCTV Footage Brought This Officer To Tears

"My partner and I chased down a kidnapper/assaulter. The guy convinced a petite wasted girl to go into an alley. While back there, he beat her and tried to violate her. She was wearing jeans, and he couldn't get them off. If she hadn't been wearing jeans, he'd have completed the act.

A passerby called 911, and my partner and I stopped him less than a block away. His fly was down and he hadn't even put his junk back in his pants. We caught a lucky break too, the entire attack was caught on a security camera we were able to immediately obtain. Watching the video nearly made me cry on duty. With that arrest, we were able to close out three additional assaults. The guy was a serial assaulter who usually preyed on homeless women (He was homeless himself). It's been nearly two years since the arrest; we go to trial in a few weeks. I can't wait to put him behind bars for a long time."

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