Not Making His Family Proud!


Not Making His Family Proud!

"A guy was playing a poker tournament and was minding his own business and not saying much. What was strange is that he had deep scratches all over his neck and face.

A woman came up behind him while he was seated at the table and started screaming at him in front of about 50 people: 'Oh, look who it is! So you have time to play poker but not the time for your family.' The lady then grabbed his glasses off his face: 'Let's see how well you can see without these.' The guy was just sitting there calm and quiet, not saying much in return. The lady started unloading on him with a flurry of punches to his head and upper body while he was seated.

Some other player in the tourney started yelling at her to chill out and called her a witch. The guy was still taking blows the whole time not fighting back and said, 'Hey, that's my wife you're calling a witch man.' The wife stopped hitting him, grabbed his keys and wallet out of his shorts, and just about the same time security came up behind her, picked her up, and carried her out. She was kicking and screaming bloody murder about how the guy was a deadbeat dad and missed his kids birthday earlier that day the entire time she was being kicked out. The guy apologized to the table after his wife was removed and proceeded to finish the tournament."

The Risks Of Roulette
The Risks Of Roulette

"I was at the casino on a cruise ship, and I was betting a little on the roulette table when a group of about 15 college seniors came up to my table. A few of the guys were playing while the rest of the group was just standing around watching. The table had a $5 minimum, so there wasn't too much risk to lose a lot of money. One of the guys started out betting $5 on red. If it didn't hit red then he would double his bet and put it on red again. This is a common 'strategy' to roulette, so nobody thought anything of it the first couple times he doubled his money.

After a few spins, he's down about $100 when he put his last $250 down on red again. That spin comes up black. At this point, you can tell he was upset and all his friends were trying to cheer him up and trying to get him to leave the table.

He was out of money, so he pulled out his room key which doubled as a credit card for the cruise line. He got $500 out and put it on red. That spin came up black. At this point, his girlfriend was grabbing his arm and trying to pull him away but he reached for his wallet again and pulled out $1,000 and put it on red. That spin comes up black.

At this point, there was a big crowd around the table and everyone (even people he didn't know) were telling him to leave the table. His girlfriend was in tears begging him to leave. He reached for his wallet again and he was so nervous that his hands were shaking like he had Parkinson's disease. Takes out $2,500 and put it on red again. That spin came up black.

By the time he was done, black had come up 19 times in a row. NINETEEN times. The worst part of the story was that as soon as he finally accepted defeat and stopped betting, the very next spin came up red."

The Woman With The Lung Condition

The Woman With The Lung Condition

"I worked as a cashier at a casino when I was around 19, and I worked for there long enough to get to know the regulars.

Some of the things I saw that were awful didn't have that much to do with the gambling as they did with addiction in general.

The worst guest was a gambler on oxygen who had a lung condition she got from smoking. She finally got a transplant and told us about it and the freedom she now had, how she felt so much better. She was good for a while and then she took up smoking again! Back then you could smoke in the casino, so we knew as we could see her. Being young and naive, it was disappointing.

Then there was a wasted woman who puked on her coat and tried to coat check it and then freaked out when security asked her to leave.

Overall, I knew a lot of the regulars were wasting all their money, which was depressing because if used just for entertainment gambling can be fun. I tried not to keep track of what people were spending because I knew it was a lot. Customers make lots of 'jokes' about losing the rent and you have to ignore them or else you won't be able to come back to work the next day."

Leaving Children Astray?
Leaving Children Astray?

"I used to work at a popular casino and hotel.

Something that recurred often was parents bringing in their children and making them stand around as they played slots. Often times, we would catch a child hanging around our desk, without their parents, looking sad and lost.

This time was the worst. A little girl with her mother approached our desk. The mother got her information and tugged the little girl to the nearest slot machine. My coworkers and I watched as she sat down and proceeded to play, completely ignoring her child. Mind you, this girl is like five years old or around that age. So my supervisor grabs the phone to radio security as we have a 'No-carpets' rule (No children on the carpets, the only carpeted areas were the gambling areas).

We all watch, only 30 feet away, as the girl pointed at something on the slot machine and moves closer to her mother.

The woman slapped the little girl so hard, her ponytail came undone. And then the girl just stood there; she didn't even cry. The mother yelled something and then turned back to the machine and continued playing.

I hit the panic button. Apparently, tons of people hit the panic button.

My supervisor runs out to the woman to speak with her, hoping to keep her in the vicinity and my supervisor says when she asked about the girl (in a casual 'how's your day, sweetie' way), the mother rolled her eyes and said the girl was fine, just 'being bratty.'

She said this, while the girl was standing RIGHT THERE.

Security came, called the police and the mother and child were taken away. Never found out what happened.

I have a lot more stories about that place, but the way that little girl didn't even cry, just stood there, like it was completely normal broke my heart."

State Troopers Made A Visit
State Troopers Made A Visit

"A lady came in at around 10 a.m. I didn't start work until 3 p.m. Around 6 p.m., another guard approached me and asked for advice.

This lady had, to this point, spent $10,000 on slot machines in the high-roller room. In this room, each machine is $1 per line, minimum of 30 lines. So each round was anywhere from $30 to $300.

She had blown through $10,000 and had recouped $6,000. Her concern?

The $10,000 she came in with was a check she was supposed to deposit in a bank account for her husband's construction business to pay his employees for the previous two weeks of work.

She was freaking out and trying to regain the losses because her husband was on her way to the casino from out of state and was about two hours away.

The solution? Call the state troopers about what she'd done and something-something corporate theft and possible money laundering.

No idea what happened to her.

Another story.

There are some weird rules about gambling if you're from an OFAC (under sanctions by the United States) country. These are countries that are prohibited from taking part in gambling activities unless they have some proof of US legal residence.

Short version: an underage girl managed to get onto the casino floor because of an error understanding her license.

Problem is, we found her, realized she was underage and pulled her. Another problem is she and her family have no citizenship, resident alien status or anything, they're effectively tourists that never left. They had full-fledged lives here but were illegal aliens.

Her entire family was held in the state troopers office until ICE showed up. They were all deported.

Some sad and dumb stuff happens at casinos."

The Most Inconsiderate Wife
The Most Inconsiderate Wife

"This guy was having a heart attack. While he was laying on the floor dying, his wife stepped over him to play on one of the machines.

The ambulance got there about 10 minutes later and started loading him up. They asked if she wanted to go with them but she declined and kept playing.

That dude died.

There was a retired couple who used to come in. The wife would play on multiple dollar machines at the same time while he watched looking sad and dejected.

Eventually, he had to go back to work to make ends meet which progressed to him selling his paid off house to cover her gambling debts."

EMTs Got Involved!

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

EMTs Got Involved!

"An elderly woman, who was completely disoriented after having a grand mal seizure, was resisting the EMTs who were attempting to render her medical assistance. She began to get up and then she noticed one of the machines light up and flash. She made an audible groaning sound and awkwardly ran towards it. An EMT put a chair behind her and sat her down. They continued their work while she mashed all the buttons, completely disoriented. Gambling addiction is real. It is deeply rooted in your brain. Even when she bit off a section of her tongue, and was barely breathing, she still wanted to smash every button on all the slot machines surrounding her.

I have seen countless children sitting on the edges of the gaming floor waiting for their terrible parents. Some have been arrested for child endangerment as a result.

A gentleman grabbed a slot machine with both hands and forcefully hit his own head on the large curved screen of a machine after he lost $100.

It just goes on and on."

The Jackpot Plot Twist!
The Jackpot Plot Twist!

"One morning, as I was walking the floor reading the meters, a guy called me over. He was visibly ragged and tired, bloodshot eyes and all that.

He gestures to the machine and asks: 'Is this machine broken?' I shake my head and say no, the same answer I give to everyone who asks me that because frankly, I get it a lot.

Visibly frustrated, he says: 'Well, I've been here since 8 p.m. last night and I haven't hit a single jackpot!'

I checked my watch. It was 9:15 a.m. I did my best not to give him my 'Oh, honey' face, shrugged, and walked away.

I went back upstairs and ran a report on that machine because I was dying to know how much money he put in the machine. It came to a total of $3,300. Which, admittedly, isn't a whole lot, but to throw away that much money in one sitting, to me, is mind-blowing.

I ran the report on the same machine the next day, and it turned out the guy left shortly after we spoke. The next person that hopped on that machine hit a $1,500 jackpot, not even 10 minutes after he left."

He's Seen Many Sad Situations As A Casino Cook
He's Seen Many Sad Situations As A Casino Cook

"I work at a restaurant as a cook in a casino in California. Man, it's never good.

Two kids maybe, 10 and 12 years old, were left in the restaurant alone so mom could go waste money; security took awhile to find her. The little girl was in tears. Sad thing is, they probably got in trouble by their mom because she had to be brought back by security.

A guy committed suicide by jumping off of the 4th floor of the parking garage near the side entrance to the casino, left a note in his car to his wife saying that he lost everything -- savings, college funds, retirement.

A lady sitting in the restaurant only ordering water. The server asks if she's ok, and the lady tells her she just lost everything and was thinking of ways to kill herself.

I had a young guy come in with a comp. He ordered a meal and a drink. He didn't have any money to cover $6 he went over, gave the server his debit card and went to go find his buddy for the $6. He never came back. So now it's a dine and dash, we have his debit card and full name, he was banned from the casino for $6.

A number of times we have people coming in with comps and they will go over like $0.50. What kills me is that they don't have 2 quarters to rub together. Security will take them to their cars so they can scrounge for change.

Another sad bit is we have regulars. SO. MANY. REGULARS. I know who these people are by the way they order and what time the order comes in, without ever having seen their faces."

Casino Drivers Have Interesting Encounters
Casino Drivers Have Interesting Encounters

"I was a part-time casino driver for a time and would drive premium gamblers home after a day at the tables.

I've met people from all walks of life -- high rollers to that 80-year-old granny who's there to play slots because she has nothing to do.

The saddest story I've come across was this guy... let's call him Joe.

My initial contact with Joe was when he took my car back to his place. His family in tow. He had just won big. I sent him to one of the high-value estates in my country. Smiles all over. He tipped me $500. I spoke to him while on the road. He was an investment banker, married with three young kids, owned a few properties. I asked him if he came to the casino often, he said just once a week to cool off and eat good food. Prim and proper with a nice shirt and pants.

I took three shifts in a week. And, I always saw Joe at 10:30 p.m. on Friday. Wife and kids in tow. It came to the point where I call him Joe and know his kid's names. This happens over the next few months. He tips me well. Once I even brought him and his family to this late night joint to eat. I waited outside for him to finish.

Something changes after the first few months. I still see Joe, but family no longer in tow. He's alone. Ahh, the kids are sick. Or, ahh the wife is over at the mums. Send me to [a different] estate he says. That's not the original estate that he was living in. I reach and see his wife waiting outside the house. I let him down and drive off. No tips.

The next few months is more of the same. The estates that he lives in gets worse and worse. I saw the wife once and she glares at me. From a huge mansion to a small apartment complex.

One day, my friend calls in sick. Asks me to take the shift on Thursday. Get there by 8:30 p.m. It's chill. You go in and do nothing as there's low traffic on the floor. When I reach the floor, I see the hottie that works there. Stopped to be all cool. Was smoking halfway with her when I bump into Joe. We make light conversation, he's here to cool off after an argument with the wife. Okay, good luck.

A few hours of playing FIFA, I get called by my manager. There's a guy out there. It's 4:30 a.m. I walk out to the car and it's Joe. He had been gambling since 8:30 p.m. He's wasted. A security guard is holding him up. He got angry at a bad deal and threatened the dealer. I scanned his casino card, it was suspended. He lost his premium chauffeur services. I called my manager, he told security to call a cab. I said nah, let him chill in the break room, I'll cab him back. My manager says that's not allowed. After some back and forth, my manager says fine. The security guy tells me, this is not the first time.

In the cab, he's still wasted. There was a vomit smell in the air. He breaks down. He's broken. I tell him to stop gambling. He says he will win it all back. The cab stops. No wife outside. He's too out of it to get to his flat. I carry him up. I realized it was a rental flat. No sight of kids, no sight of the wife. The place is a mess. I put him to bed and got out.

I never saw Joe again."

A Sad Sight To See
A Sad Sight To See

"I worked VIP reception at the hotel of a large casino.

I've seen people win and lose. I've seen people come to check in for one night only to extend their stay for a week because they're chasing their money. I checked a man into his suite for the weekend only to find him back at my desk a half hour later checking out because he had already lost $50,000. I've had wives frantically calling because husbands have cleared out their accounts and disappeared.

I listened to a woman sob on the phone that her husband had taken their kid's college savings. Stories of people defaulting on their homes trying to 'turn their luck around.'

Casinos are cities of vices, and sometimes you see the lowest a person can get. Gambling addiction is hard to watch."

Gambling Her Life Savings?
Gambling Her Life Savings?

"A friend used to work at a casino in Las Vegas. He said that one day, a woman came in and gambled away $30,000 which was her family's life savings, all their money, and also her daughter's college fund.

A few hours later, my friend stumbles on the lady and her husband and aforementioned daughter in the parking lot, and they are LIVID. They're screaming at her and calling her every name in the book. The husband says he's taking the kids and leaving, and the daughter is yelling that her mother ruined her life and she can't go to college because of her. During all this, the mother is bawling like a baby and pleading with them to stop yelling at her and saying that she's sorry.

My friend had to call security when the guy and daughter started to assault her. Punching her, slapping her, pulling her hair, clawing her face, etc.

When they arrived, though, he and the daughter were already gone and the wife, blood just gushing out of her nose, was shrieking for them to come back."

Guests That Got Banned
Guests That Got Banned

"I worked in the restaurant of a casino. We had a mother and daughter who were regulars but not there every day - maybe once or twice a week they'd come in and spend at least eight hours on the slot machines.

One time they hit it big, they won the jackpot which if memory serves, was about $15,000. They looked so happy and they were crying tears of joy. I was happy for them; they were nice people. Instead of going home and enjoying their winnings, they stuck around feeding more money into the machine.

They came back every day for the next week. Within that week the $15,000 was gone.

After another week, they were both banned for asking other guests for money to borrow so they could play."

An Easy Way To Make Your Fiancée Angry

Tiko Aramyan/Shutterstock

An Easy Way To Make Your Fiancée Angry

"I worked in casinos in Mississippi for quite a few years. The following incident happened back in the '90s.

Several young (early-20s) couples were playing on my table. They were having a good time but seemed to know nothing about the game. Of course, we tried to teach novices while the game was underway, but sometimes (karma/fate/the capricious will of the universe/whatever you want to call this nebulous concept) outpaces the learning curve.

They were playing the sucker bets (mostly the field) and started to win quickly. Sometimes the dice just seem to want to give away money. Complicated explanations of things like 'place bets' and 'come bets' went right past their wasted brains. (Yes, Virginia, there is a reason those drinks are free). One young fellow, in particular, was winning hard and fast. While his friends were betting small amounts, he was pressing his bets aggressively. The whole group were whooping it up and having a high old time, but this guy and his fiancée were clearly - and with reason - the most excited.

The guy had bought in for $100. In about 15 minutes, he'd racked up about $20,000 in cheques ('chips' interlock when stacked, cheques do not). Then the dice began to turn. His packed rail of cheques began to slowly shrink. When it got below $15,000, the fiancée started trying to get him to leave. I recall her informing him at one point that he had 'a down payment on a house' in front of him. Of course, the big and easy wins had him convinced that he was playing the genius strategy and just needed to hold the course through this dry spell.

It took him about another 15 minutes to blow through it all. As the bankroll shrank, the fiancée became more and more agitated. She yelled at him, tried to pull him away by the arm, screamed at him. Nothing got through. When he was down to a few thousand, she became hysterical, clawed the ring off her finger, threw it at him and walked off screaming between her sobs.

Looking subdued and resigned, he played back the rest of his winnings until he left the table with nothing."

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