Riding Their Tail Was The Last Thing This Guy Should've Done


Riding Their Tail Was The Last Thing This Guy Should've Done

"I had a jerk driving in a hummer riding my tail at the speed limit down a steep, snowy hill, in the right lane, and also in the middle of winter. We were 30 seconds away from a light that had less than 15 seconds left before turning.

After about five seconds of being two feet from my bumper, he decided to change lanes and floor it in an attempt to cover the last 20 seconds of ground in the 10 seconds left. About 200 feet short of the intersection the light turned red, and the moron finally decided it would be a good time to start slowing down.

He slid through the red light, clipped the rear end of a tractor-trailer, and took out the traffic light at the far end of the intersection.

There was a cop a few hundred feet behind us, and, being well uphill of us, had a clear view of the idiot weaving through traffic and accelerating to nearly twice the speed limit towards a light they could not possibly make."

Instead Of Flipping This Butthole Off, He Literally Flashed Him Off


Instead Of Flipping This Butthole Off, He Literally Flashed Him Off

"Driving my dad's old trail jeep back from a BBQ one night, it was an old 1965 Willys, on a back road, doing about 35 MPH. Now, we had this jeep as a kind of rally support vehicle; it had lights all over the place, extra battery and everything.

It's about 4 a.m., nobody is in front or behind us, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere from behind us, comes a sports car. I immediately switch to the right lane, giving him ample space to pass me. Instead of taking the offer, the jerk gets behind me and starts honking and flashing his high beams. This goes on for about a minute, while I try to figure out what he is complaining about until I figure out he is just trying to mess up with me. By then, my dad is already half-awake, then I instruct my girlfriend to open the glove compartment, flip the four top switches and the one on the left. She asks me about it, and I just tell her to do it and wait and see. She starts flipping them, and just as my dad yells from the back seat 'Don't do it!' she flips the last one. All of the lights around the center column, (six on top, four on each side), plus four high beams on the rear bumper, all light up like a thousand suns, right in front of this jerk's eyes. He slams the breaks so hard his car immediately spins about 720 before regaining control and stopping.

She flips the lights off, and away we go. He just sits there behind us, half a mile or so, all the way until we got off the road, never again trying to pass us!"

Justice Was Served Against This Judgmental Cop


Justice Was Served Against This Judgmental Cop

"I was driving home from work, basically downtown. I lived probably ten miles away in the suburbs at the time.

I'm at a red light about to get onto the highway, and I look down to my iPod to change artists, and there is a cop car in the other lane about a car behind me. I look up and see him looking at me. 'Oh crap!' I think, 'He probably thinks I was looking at my phone.'

The light turns green, I turn onto the highway, and as I expect he follows me. I'm expecting to be pulled over here, but I'm not. Instead, the cop car gets right behind me. I'm doing the speed limit to the decimal here, hands at ten and two and keeping in the lines. He just rides my tail. The whole way home, he rides my tail. We make eye contact through the mirror a few times, and I know he's running my plates or something. Maybe looking for an excuse to pull me over, I'm not sure.

Anyway, we go about ten miles or so on the highway, to my exit, and I get off. SO DOES HE! Still riding my tail. I pull up to a light with a right turn only lane next to me, which he enters. He pulls by my car and gives me a good look. I'm looking straight ahead, trying not to notice.

This part happens fast.

My light turns green; he's about two cars ahead of me in the right turn only lane with some cars behind him. He takes the right turn and immediately moves to take a left turn into the gas station across the street. I think so he can get back on the road that I'm on and probably pull me over. I turn to my friend who's in the passenger seat and say, 'He's finally going to pull me over.' Right as we're moving through the intersection, he's making his left turn and WHAM! He's hit from the side.

He was so busy keeping his eyes on me that he cut this woman off and she nailed the side of his car. I couldn't believe it, and my friend thought I was a dark wizard."

She Took Road Rage To A Whole Other Level
She Took Road Rage To A Whole Other Level

"After I got my driver's license, I was just cruising around, going nowhere in particular when some lady backed into the road at a 45-degree angle and stopped. I swerved around her at about 40 mph and hopped the curb while flipping her off. She then proceeded to chase me for about five blocks. Every stop sign I hit she was right there next to me in the oncoming lane. I could hear her yelling all sorts of curse words through her windows, my windows, and the radio. Finally, I come to a stop at an intersection that has no light and is notorious for taking ages. I worriedly looked back to see her car parked behind me, but she wasn't in it. All three of her passengers looked like they were in shock. Next thing I know she's beating on my window as hard as she can so I roll it down an inch and tell her to go away. She was very Midwestern; by that I mean she had about half her teeth, balding, wearing a dirty tweety bird shirt that I'm sure came from a gas station.

She started going on about working for the sheriff's department. And how it was illegal to flip someone off and that I needed to stay put until the police arrived. I asked her if she wanted her boss to come out there just so I could explain to him how she pulled out in front of me, crossed the yellow and stopped there, then chased me for at least five blocks in the wrong lane, then got out of a running vehicle and tried to fist my car harder than her dad used to fist her. Once she saw that I had what appeared to be a credible witness in the car, she reluctantly went back to her car, and I have to get the last word because I'm a 16-year-old boy at the time and that's just the icing on the cake.

I don't remember what I said but it made her so upset to a whole new level, and she came right back at my car as fast as she could and started to kick and punch it. Not one second before she started hitting my car did a sheriff's cruiser come around the corner, who was probably minding his own business, well not anymore. REDs AND BLUEs just for her. Just so happens to be a guy she works with and he does not like her, not even in an I'm-ok-with-your-existence-just-leave-me-alone way. Evidently, she frequently tried to arrest people even though she filed paperwork in the basement. So he cuffed her and put in the car, and I explained what happened. Even then, I was antagonizing her multiple times because he was just eating that up. I wish he would've maced her or something. Anyway, she got some fines, and I went to burger king and got a whopper. Not a bad day in my book."

This Is Why You Keep Your Eyes On The Road
This Is Why You Keep Your Eyes On The Road

"I was driving down a five-lane road (two lanes each side and a turning lane) doing 40 mph. in a 35 mph zone. I usually stick close to the speed limit because this was a major road that was used a lot and the cops would patrol it.

I was doing 40 and getting tailgated by this dude in a Dodge Neon. I drive a four wheel drive Ford F-150. At one point he was so close to me, I could only see the roof of his car in my rear-view mirror over my tailgate. My truck isn't that tall; he was just close.

I just held my speed at 40. I didn't brake check him, just let him sit there. I could see he was getting upset. I didn't want to slow down because he was close. The other lane was clear for 300 to 400 yards; I would have happily let him pass me, I just didn't want him to be behind me anymore.

Finally, he whips into the curb lane, it ended up being a dressed up neon, with a wing on the back and the big mufflers that make a lot of noise. He pulled up next to me, stared straight at me taking his eyes off the road, screamed 'butthole!' and then revved the engine.

Chances are if he had taken a second to actually look at the road, he would have noticed the parked delivery truck in front of him, as he revved his engine, he basically slammed right into the back of a delivery truck.

Me, being the butthole I am, broke out into laughter, then pulled over and walked back to see if he was okay. The neon had tucked itself underneath the delivery truck, peeling back the hood and mangling the crap out of the front clip. The delivery truck driver saw everything, as did the people further behind me.

When the cops showed up (the delivery truck driver called them) he tried to insist that I ran him into the truck. Thankfully some people came to my rescue. Even the cops didn't believe his story. After I talked to the cops, I was free to leave. As I was leaving they were giving him a field sobriety test. I am not sure what happened to him."

He Was Going To Chase Down This Lunatic Driver
He Was Going To Chase Down This Lunatic Driver

"I was in cadets as a kid, and one of the 'leaders' was this cop named Bird (we always called each other by the last name). He became a good friend, and we always joked around. He is the coolest cop I ever met. Before I moved he always used to pull me over, sirens and everything, just to have a chit-chat and scare the crap out of me.

I was driving in my hometown, after dropping off my girlfriend. I stopped at a stop sign behind a truck. There was a dirt road leading to a trailer park right before the stop sign, and the truck driver missed his turn. So instead of turning around, he decided to reverse into me, making his hitch go through my bumper. He then decided to take off. While normal people would just take his license plate number, I didn't. I chased that jerk down. He had a crappy truck, while I had my 2006 Cobalt LT, and I could go a lot faster than him. So I followed him, and after about a seven-minute chase, you guessed it, Officer Bird saw up. We were going about 120 kmh in a 50 zone, so it was easy to spot us. Officer Bird recognized my car and knew something was up. So he pulled beside me and looked at me and nodded. I knew that look. I eased off the gas, and he went in front of me and pulled over the truck. After the guy was detained, I approached Bird and told him everything. The guy admitted to it, and he was arrested. But wait, there's more.

Bird ended up searching his truck and found about four ounces of pot, AND about three kilogrames of snow. He is still serving jail time last I heard. A win in my books."

This Lone Driver And Cop Became Buddies Real Quick


This Lone Driver And Cop Became Buddies Real Quick

"I was driving on the highway in the fast lane beside a police car doing the 'unofficial' speed limit of 120kmh, so naturally I was matching him. The car on the other side of the cop car was doing the same so traffic was pretty steady behind us as everyone usually does 130kmh on this particular stretch of highway. Suddenly a wild jerk appeared in a crappy Pontiac Sunfire, and proceeded to ride my tail for about 5 km, then decided to jump over into the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane. An HOV lane has specific spots where you can enter and exit; we had yet to reach one of those. Also, the guy was solo in the car. I looked to my right and I just see the cop smile at me, nod, and flip on his lights and take off after the jerk.

I couldn't help but smile all the way to work."

If Only He'd Listen To This Kid's Warning


If Only He'd Listen To This Kid's Warning

"I was driving with my mom when I was about 14, and we were on the highway. There was this crazy guy on one of those little crotch rocket motorbikes who was being a complete jerk and was obviously wasted and maybe a bit out of it. Well, he was going extremely fast and weaving in and out of traffic, being disrespectful, and just being a downright butthole. We came to a red light, and he pulled up next to my mom's car. I rolled down my window and attempted to yell over his revving engine that maybe he should slow down. He looked at me and said, 'Bugger off, kid.'

Well, fast forward a mile or so, and I was looking out the window thinking about this jerk and why people like him exist. I then see a crowd of people at the side of the road and tell my mom to stop and pull over. We got out of the car and low and behold was the guy, lying in a pool of his own blood. At first, I was shocked just from seeing the lifeless body, but then I started to think that I may have brought this upon him with my mind and I was scared. I told my mom this, and she said I was crazy and there was no reason to worry. All in all, it was a weird day and a strange story."

The Cops Didn't Even Need The Eyewitness To Explain This Catastrophic Accident

Lisa F. Young/Shutterstock

The Cops Didn't Even Need The Eyewitness To Explain This Catastrophic Accident

"I was driving south on I-684 NY during the morning rush. The average speed in the middle lane was about 80 mph; if you were going under 80, you stayed out of the left lane because some butthole in a monster truck was going to ride your tail until you got out of the lane.

On this particular morning, I was driving in the left doing around 70 mph, traffic was extremely heavy, and all lanes were moving at about the same speed. I was at the end of what I call a pod (a bunch of cars all going the same speed so no one can pass). I looked in my rearview and saw a two-seat BMW coming up on me fast.

Within seconds, he was three feet off my bumper leaning on his horn. I knew that slamming on my brake might give me satisfaction, but I did not relish the idea of a rear-ender. So I just took my foot off the gas and started to coast, this enraged the butthole even more, and he pulled out from behind me cutting someone in the middle lane off and proceeded to cut me off and get in front. I knew he was going to slam his brakes on to teach me a lesson and had already prepared by starting to brake myself. He was half in my lane at about a 30-degree angle when he tromped on the brakes sending him and his car into a skid across all three lanes amazingly no one hit him, but when he went off the right shoulder, he rolled the beemer. I witnessed this in my rear view. I went to the next exit and did a u-turn and got to the accident scene. A New York state trooper was already there, and the moron was sitting in the grass next to his wrecked car. I told the trooper the story as to what happened, and he said they would call if they needed to. I never heard anything from them."

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"I Messed With The Wrong Redneck"

"I was driving home from campus late one night on a very dark, very boring, slightly curvy road. At some point in the ride, I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting an animal. I thought it was a cat at first, but as I was swerving out of the way, I realized it was just an opossum. It was an adrenaline pumping moment, so I was focused on keeping my cool and slowing down a bit and minding my speed and my surroundings better.

At this point, I was back on the road and driving about 55mph when I saw some headlights show up in my mirror in the distance. I looked back to the road. After a few seconds, I noticed the headlights right behind me. This guy was FLYING. He had to drop down his speed, and poor him couldn't pass me because there were people coming. He started flashing his high beams at me angrily and drove straight into oncoming traffic anyway. Luckily there wasn't an accident, but it didn't make it OK to cause panic and distress for the other drivers.

My adrenaline was running so I got agitated and decided to bring a little justice his way by trolling him. I got behind him and tried to position myself in just the right spot to get my brights in his eyes and keep them on the whole time. I wasn't sure I was doing anything to bother him, but after about four miles we were coming up to a stop light, and the speed limit dropped to around 45mph, and I eliminated any doubts. He slammed on his brakes and dropped from about 65mph to a flat 45mph. I assume he was making some point. I happily dropped my speed and turned off my brights thinking I got my point across to this guy. He began to enrage me even more though because he came to a complete stop in the road and I could see him yelling obscenities in his mirror. I smiled hoping that the headlight from the cars in the other direction would illuminate my face enough for him to see that his displeasure pleased me. Up ahead was a gas station, so he raced forward and pulled into the gas station. I pulled up to the stop light right next to it and sat at the red light. I was supposed to be making a left turn there, but one thing my parents always made clear was that I should never bring any trouble home. He got out of his car and was a monster. The guy was easily almost twice my weight. I messed with the wrong redneck. He started gesturing me to get out of my car while flailing his arms around wildly. I kept my cool and tried not to crap my pants, but also kept an eye on him in case he reached for any weapons. The light was about to change, so he jumped back in his car, and exited the lot from a different part and was perpendicular to me at the intersection. I believed he thought I am going straight once the light turned green and prepared to make a right turn behind me. I continued to feign a straight path once my light changed and made a sharp left at the last possible second. I left him sitting at a nice long red light and was satisfied with my victory.

I didn't count on this guy being a LUNATIC. I was a reasonable distance away when I saw this guy FLOOR IT THROUGH HIS RED LIGHT AND THROUGH PASSING TRAFFIC. I started to pick up speed a bit and was going about 50 mph thinking maybe I could turn off on one of the dark roads ahead and lose him. It was like I was standing still though because of how fast he was coming up on me. I didn't know what to do. I had the phone in my hand and was about to call 911 in fear of death when my fight or flight instinct kicked in.

I slammed on my brakes and came to a full stop. I mean no hesitations. He thought I was bluffing at first, but quickly realized he would total his overpriced sports car. He swerved sideways across the opposite lane and slightly off the road. I accelerated as hard as I could and got the heck out of there. Then the flashing blue lights turned on."

This Man Hit His Head And Absolutely Lost His Mind


This Man Hit His Head And Absolutely Lost His Mind

"I was driving to work early one morning along SR72, south of Springfield, Ohio, on a straight section of road near the airport.

Looking in my rearview mirror, I noticed a set of headlights coming up fast and weaving quite a bit. My first impulse was to slow down and get as far right in my lane as possible to make it quite easy for this butthole to get by me. The guy that was in front of me in a one-ton pickup had the same idea.

About 10 seconds later, this little riced out car came SCREAMING past us in the left lane, swerving a bit as he tries to cut back into the right lane ahead of the truck. Then he went out into the left lane again to pass, only to be greeted with a tractor-trailer coming over the slight rise ahead.

The riced out car was strung out on driver attempts to cut back to the right, he lost control and veered wide left off the road into a telephone pole. I saw this happen from about 80 yards away, airbag deployment and all -- every witness nearby was on the verge of spraining their fingers jabbing at their hazard light switches to pull over, it was such a dramatic ending, or so we thought.

I pulled over to the side of the road, I got out and turned around to notice the two drivers behind me pointing and laughing. I turned to look, and notice that:

  • The door to the rice-mobile was open, and no driver was in the seat. There was a nice head shaped bulge in the windscreen.

There was a guy with no shirt on, no shoes, and appears to be wearing only boxers running full-tilt down the county road that intersected 72 at that point.

  • The boxer-clad driver proceeded to run across the porch of a farmhouse as he veered off into a field and managed to keep up the pace for another 200 yards before stopping and staggering in the field to catch his breath. The farmhouse was the home to an off-duty deputy who came out of his house, weapon in hand.

So, I was standing by my car; there are four other cars in front of me, and two behind. We're all watching this guy saunter back towards us, wondering what the HECK he could be on to cause such a performance. A driver on the parallel road was en route to her job as a dispatcher for the county; she made the initial phone call to 911 for medics and cops.

This guy eventually came back through the field, crossed 72 without looking into traffic and nearly got run over, came across the road about 30 yards in front of us and started walking back towards us. For some reason, my first instinct was to grab my keyfob and lock my car doors. All the other drivers that were standing with me did the same thing, which was good because this guy right in front of us is walking towards us on the shoulder, and TRYING to open our passenger side doors.

Drivers, collectively: 'Dude, you need to sit down, you've been in an accident.'


The dude was about 10 feet in front of me. I was backing up slowly and turning slightly to keep my balance.

Dude: 'Oh, why you gotta be like that?'

Me: 'Like what?'

Dude: 'Getting your weapon out.'

Me: 'I don't have a weapon, you need to sit down.'

By this point, volunteer paramedics had arrived from Hustead's department, and this guy freaked out, ran towards the adjacent field, hopped the fence, and proceeded to try to hide behind the sheep.

Two paramedics and about six onlookers were on the shoulder, dumbfounded, as this guy clad only in boxers, obviously not fully lucid, was on his hands/knees trying to hide behind sheep, which, for the record were having none of it. They kept moving around, causing him to berate the sheep for being snitches.

After about five minutes, four Ohio state troopers rolled up, and this guy was still trying to hide behind the sheep.

Around 20 minutes later, the paramedics talked the guy down enough to get him to walk towards the ambulance. The troopers had already started taking our statements and were waiting for the medics to check the poor guy out. The guy had slipped trying to get through the ditch back onto the shoulder; I helped him up and over to the squad car."

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