In a startling display of road rage, a Washington, D.C. woman went completely bananas on a metro bus. The woman, 20-year-old Mariana Silver of Washington, D.C. was first videoed smashing the side window of the bus with a car jack. The bus driver, meanwhile, appears to be taking down her license plate information. The video shows Silver getting back into her vehicle and attempting to leave, running into the driver as she did.

That is far from where it ended.

Apparently, the incident began when Silver cut the bus off and they sideswiped each other. Silver and the driver of the bus exited their vehicles and exchanged a few words.

"You're a crazy driver. You need to get off the road," the bus driver said, according to a police report.

This is allegedly when Silver pulled a baseball out of her car and swung at the windshield of the bus, cracking it. Silver returned to her car and retrieved a car jack out of the trunk and smashed it against the side window and the rear-view mirror. This is when the video picks up the action.

Silver returns to her car, tosses the jack in the trunk and attempts to speed off. The driver of the bus is seen on his phone in front of her car. Silver then drives straight into him, knocking off his feet and onto the hood of Silver's car. Silver stops long enough for him to get back on his feet. All the while, bystanders are begging with her to stop and begging with the man to get out the way before she hurts him. Silver drives forward a second time and knocks the man over, and again he falls on the hood of her car. She stops once more, but not for long.

Finally, Silver gets out of her car and pushes the bus driver away and gets back behind the driver's seat and guns the car one last time. This time the bus driver appears to jump up onto the hood, presumably to keep her from fleeing the scene, but Silver doesn't stop. She plows through the intersection with the bus driver on her hood for fifteen or twenty feet before he rolls off into the street, missing her tires by mere inches. Silver speeds away with the bus driver lying on the pavement in the middle of the road. Another man checks on him to make sure he is ok and the video cuts. Police later reported the driver had some pain in his hip along with some bruises and scratches to his elbow.

What we know from the police report is that Silver was apprehended and was being held without bond in a D.C. jail. According to her uncle, Silver suffers from Schizophrenia and may have been off her meds. She was certainly off her rocker. The full video is below.

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