Coming up a great revenge plot is one of the most satisfying things in the world. When someone has wronged you and you come up with the perfect plan to stick it to them, it's just an amazing feeling.

These are stories just like that. People that were treated horribly by co-workers, friends, neighbors and even family members have a chance to set the karma world right by exacting amazing revenge! Content has been edited for clarity.

Criminal Revenge
Criminal Revenge

"I took a syringe and some Dave's Insanity sauce. I injected it into one of my roommate's tampons and waited. Two weeks later, I was awakened by what can only be described as a banshee screaming bloody murder. She sat in her room with the tampon in crying for a couple hours because she lacks the reasoning skills needed to take it out.

I do realize that that is rather extreme and could probably cause irreparable damage, but I find myself not caring. She was, and continues to be, a horrible excuse for a person.

Here's why:

I moved to my particular university as a last ditch effort to go to school. I was a semester behind because I was undergoing cancer treatment for what would be my first semester. I couldn't afford to live in a dorm anywhere. My cousin, whom I live with as well, offered me a room in her apartment that had recently been vacated. The rent on this place is well below what it would normally be, thus allowing me to live here and go to school.

Shortly after moving here, my girlfriend at the time was killed by a drinking driver on her way home from visiting her parents. I was devastated. I lost my will to do anything, and I didn't speak to anyone aside from my best friend to assure him that I hadn't killed myself or whatever. I was like this for several months until I was lifted out of my funk by several wonderful people, including my best friend. That's a different story for a different thread. However, this is where my desire for revenge stems from, essentially.

See, the woman who lives with my cousin and I is - I can't really find a single word - she's manipulative, greedy, hateful, and gossipy. I could go on, but I won't. The problem with her started when she began spreading some junk about how I made up weeks of cancer treatments and my girlfriend dying because I wanted attention. She would send extremely hateful text messages to me at random times of the day after I recovered from my depression saying things like I should be ashamed of myself for lying to everybody. She texted that my girlfriend never existed and that I used that as a cover up because I'm secretly gay. I'd get these texts in class and it would be very difficult for me to continue going about my day after that. Why she would think or say those things to someone is beyond me. Especially since she met my girlfriend at least once at a gathering at my aunt's house. Everyone knew she was real, so why bother?

She still maintains I made all of that up to this day, two years later. That isn't all, either. Our bills were addressed to her until six months ago when I discovered she was dividing up the shares unequally and skimming money off the top of the money we gave her to cover it.

She has broken into my room to hook up with random guys on my bed multiple times.

She let her dog poop on my pillows.

I've started dating someone within the past two months. She claims that I'm paying my new girlfriend to hook up with me to keep hiding the fact that I am gay.

Any time she messes something up in the apartment, it is anybody's fault but hers. Case in point: our garbage disposal messed up a couple months ago. Why? She peeled potatoes into it. There's a sticky note that resides on the wall above the switch to turn the disposal on which states not to peel potatoes into the disposal. It's been there since the last time she clogged the disposal with potato peels. It was my fault, even though I hadn't been there in three days, because I was visiting some friends.

She's scamming her fiancé and plans to divorce him for all he's worth five years and two kids after they get married. He won't listen to anything I say because she has him wrapped around her little finger. How do I know this? Because she likes to gossip to her terrible friends on the phone about a whole lot of stuff when she thinks nobody is around.

Why don't we kick her out? Her parents own the condo. We pay rent directly to them. They think they raised a perfect little angel and won't hear anything negative about her. Why don't I move out? I have nowhere to go. I can't afford it, so I just deal with it.

Did I do something wrong when I put the hot sauce in one of her tampons? Undoubtedly. Do I care? Not really. I'm not really proud of what I did, but you better believe I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

Donkey Doo!
Donkey Doo!

"We were camping at my grandpa's farm. He has donkeys that roam around the area, so naturally there were dried up old donkey turds lying around.

My stepbrother was being an idiot and throwing some dried turds at me and my cousin. We warned him to stop but he just kept chucking them at us.

So I pinned him down while my cousin took a clump of donkey poop and shoved it in his mouth. He ran off to tell on us, but all the other kids who witnessed us told my parents that he was chucking the poop first and that we had asked him to stop."

Tangy Pasta
Tangy Pasta

"Our vegetarian roommate threw out our chicken. Not because of her principles, but because she was angry at us. She was demented and had a history of doing insane things to people. We were dirt poor at this point and could not afford more chicken.

My boyfriend urinated in her pasta while it was boiling on the stove, then watched her eat it.

I would never have condoned it but when he told me later, I felt pretty smug about it, I can't lie."

Erasing A Collection Completely
Erasing A Collection Completely

"My dad married a woman that had kids my age.

One was a daughter that would get into my stuff and steal my clothes.

She also had the largest collection of cassette tapes I'd ever seen, a whole double wall cabinet full of them.

When my best blouse went missing along with my new gym shorts (this was 1983 and I didn't have many clothes at all) I managed to lay my hands on a reel-to-reel magnet tape degausser.

I waited until no one was home, plugged the 20-pound electromagnet in and ran it across all of her tapes - the entire rack. It took 15 minutes to give the whole cabinet the thrice over, and a few days later I hear her complaining to one of her friends on the phone that her tape deck was not working as none of her tapes were playing anymore."

Getting Revenge On A Cheating Girlfriend
Getting Revenge On A Cheating Girlfriend

"There was this girl named Haylee who was dating a good friend of mine for around a year or so. I never really knew her, but would get nothing but bad vibes because my good friend was a lot less happy ever since she showed up, which was not cool with me.

One New Year's, she went to a party with him and proceeded to hook up with another guy after my friend passed out. After he told me this, he also admitted that this wasn't the first time she'd done this, and had actually hooked up with a few other guys at other parties over the last year. Because of this, me and my group of friends began affectionately referring to Haylee as 'Hook Up Haylee.'

Fast forward a month or so, my friends and I (excluding the friend that was cheated on) were bored sitting around talking about whatever. Hook Up Haylee came up in conversation and how we should take revenge for our good pal, who had broken up with her, thankfully. So we took thousands of pieces of paper, tore them up into little note-sized pieces, and wrote:

'Hook Up Haylee's famous hook up! This coupon is good for one free hook up!' We also included her phone number.

We then broke into our old high school overnight and stuffed them in every locker. This was a school with 2,800 kids. Needless to say, she had to change her number because she was getting blown up in texts/calls."

She Saved Her Texts
She Saved Her Texts

"The basic rundown was:

I started dating a dude. We were both way into each other but I went abroad for a few months and while I was gone, he impregnates his ex-girlfriend.

During this time, we continue talking, he says he's in love with me. We amass pages upon pages of Skype conversations.

I return from abroad, he says he's ended things with the pregnant girl, and wants to get back together. It was a bad idea, but I was 19, and illogical, so we got back together.

It turns out he had not ended things and was playing both of us. This led to all sorts of drama and eventually (about a week before the baby is born), he and I break up.

Months pass and he's now engaged to the other girl when she calls me, wondering what happened between he and I. She says he's always said it was nothing, that we didn't bone, that he wasn't talking to me when I was abroad, etc... These are all lies, and I have Skype messages to prove it.

So, I debated for a while, then printed off 500 pages of extremely incriminating instant messages, highlighted the important parts and dropped them off at the fiancee's house, the night before the wedding.

Apparently she either didn't read them, or didn't care because they're still married and they had another kid.

But all's well that ends well, he's gained 40 pounds and works at a gas station."

He Left A Surprise In His Lunch For His Bully
He Left A Surprise In His Lunch For His Bully

"I was 16 and just had started my new job at a local Red Lobster.

Being the new kid, everyone messed with me, but the head cook was a real pain. He would make me do his job and make fun of me. He would bully me and blame mistakes he made on me. I really needed the job because my girlfriend was pregnant and we where both still in high school.

I would bring my lunch and he would eat it and laugh. He almost always ate my lunch. Most of the time, I would bring Taco Bell because it was cheaper than eating at Red Lobster, even with the employee discount. One day, I had the runs and I went to the bathroom. I had some disposable gloves in my pocket from the night before and I had brought my lunch in with me since I was in a rush. I had a brilliant idea and decided to poop in a glove and use it as a cake bag to fill up my burrito. I wiped my butt, and went out clocked in and set my burrito on the shelf like I normally did.

As always within about 15 minutes , He was eating my lunch. After about eating 3/4 he said, 'Hey, new guy... stop getting the burritos with the guac on them.' I did this for the reminder of the week, he ate my poop for a few days. After that week, he never again did he eat my burritos because I would always tell him I had the GUAC ones.

Two years later, he got promoted and fired me along with a few other co-workers he didn't care for.

During the exit interview, he did my interview, the last question he ask if there was anything I would like to tell him, In a very polite manner, I asked him, 'Did I not let you eat my burritos?' He said yes, until I started adding guac to them. I told him, 'It wasn't guac, it was my poop,' and walked out.

I could hear him yelling as I left. Some of my friends that still worked there told me he went to the bathroom and puked after I left."

The World's Worst Boss Gets Crushed
The World's Worst Boss Gets Crushed

"My old boss was the worst human being I have ever had the displeasure to meet. Picture Gordon Ramsay without the charm.

He was abusive to staff, obnoxious and dishonest. We must have had 10 different front desk girls go through in the two years I was there, and he reduced every single one of them to tears on multiple occasions.

Getting yelled at was a regular occurrence. He expected you to work weekend jobs for free, his rational being that if you only billed out 6 hours of a 7.5 hour day, you 'owed' him an hour and a half. My job was threatened when I balked on a weekend job because I was planning my wedding.

He forced you to carry a cell phone and answer it at any time of day or night, and deducted the phone plan cost from your cheque (until employment standards told him what he was doing was illegal).

Employment standards had to get involved again when he shorted two employees on their final paychecks.

That's just scratching the surface. Basically it was a nightmare work environment. A bunch of us collectively took revenge on him in different ways when we left. For reference, I worked at a small IT firm. We:

-Reported the business for massive amounts of software piracy.

-The accountant reported the company for tax evasion.

-Created a page for the company on and soon had 20 plus posts of venom directed at the boss.

-Sent anonymous letters to all of his clients informing them of his crooked business practices, over-billing, and horrible management skills.

That boss bred a level of hatred in his staff that you couldn't possibly fathom. The IT industry in my city was in a slow patch at the time (this was around 10 years ago), so most of us were stuck there 2 years or more."

He Just Stopped Giving Any Cares
He Just Stopped Giving Any Cares

"I slept with my ex-girlfriend's best friend, on New Year's Eve, in her parents house, with her passed out downstairs. Woke up the next morning, borrowed $100 bucks from her, and promptly left to catch my flight for a cruise in the Bahamas with my family.

We had broken up about 2 weeks prior. But you know relationships, they are like tipping over a pop machine, you gotta tilt it back and forth unitl eventually the stupid thing just falls over.

We broke up because she admitted to cheating multiple times, once even with a very good friend of mine. We lived together and had been together for a long time, so she invited me to spend NYE with them as like a last ditch win me over. I was reluctant, but was won over by her flirty best friend, who had made it known previously that she essentially had a crush on me. My ex always got super wasted and passed out within 2 hours of drinking, so when that inevitable stumble to the nearest soft surface happened, her best friend started getting touchy feely. We had flirted a little before and exchanged some innocent texts, so I knew I could hop on if I wanted.

She ended up basically asking me to hook up with her, so I kindly obliged. Everyone was having breakfast the next morning when I left, and apparently right after, the whole house BLEW up because the best friend ALSO had a boyfriend in the house. As this was going on, I was boarding my plane to catch the cruise ship to the Bahamas. I was going away for a week, with no cell reception, which was by far the most perfect part of the whole thing. I was unreachable. When we finally got to a port with cell reception, I had probably 150 missed calls, 300 texts, and 20 voicemails.

In my defense, she slept around a lot and her friend was gorgeous."

She Was A Real Mean Girl
She Was A Real Mean Girl

"The summer between high school and college, I had the whole ugly duckling/swan transformation thing happen

The only person I knew from high school going to my college was a 'frenemy.' I wasn't really thrilled to hear she was going to the same place too, but there's 40,000+ students, so I wasn't really worrying about it.

I joined a sorority my freshman year and found out apparently it was a 'good' sorority to be a part of and was very popular on campus. My frenemy started making comments to hometown friends that I was sleeping with a ton of guys and partying constantly. Well, somehow her comments got back to my mother, who I've always been close to and is not a very judgmental mom, so I get a strange call from my mother midway through the year about rumors going around about me.

My mom's pretty chill, I was making dean's list and she knew exactly what I was up to so no worries on that front, all good - but there's only one person who could be saying these things.

Then sophomore year starts. Again with the rumor mill, I hear she is going around telling everyone she's going to join my sorority, as I'm there and will get her in. So she comes to the house during rush and I make sure I'm the one that takes her around. I don't know if all are like this, but in my sorority you can blackball someone; I walked her around the entire house, introducing her to everyone, making sure they all got a good look. As soon as she was gone, I blackballed her. I then called some other friends at different houses and passed the good word along.

She didn't get an invitation to a single house she wanted. My twentieth high school reunion is coming up in a few years. I'm still trying to decide if I should tell her or not."

He Made Him Drink What??
He Made Him Drink What??

"When I was younger there was a kid in my neighborhood about 5 years older than me that always use to pick on me and my buds.

There wasn't much we could do considering he was about 200 pounds bigger than us. One day we were all playing baseball when he asked for some water. I don't know what made me do it considering I've never done anything like it before but without hesitation, I grabbed the biggest cup we had in the cupboard, went into the bathroom and scooped up water from the toilet.

I still remember him slamming it down while holding the cup with two hands like little kids do. I thought that was pretty funny for little me to come up with."

He May Or May Not Have Trashed His Trailer
He May Or May Not Have Trashed His Trailer

"The first time I found out my ex-wife was cheating on me (yes, first time, there were several).

I told the both of them flat-out that it ends. She says, 'OK,' but he tells me that I can't 'tell him what to do.'

I merely said, 'It would be better if you just left and broke contact.'

He said, 'Eff you!'

A week or so later, I find out the guy is contacting her. I call him, tell him,'It'd be a very good idea for you to stop now.'

Again, I got 'Eff you,' in reply.

He lived in a trailer (of course). I grew up around them and had helped quite a few relatives deliver their new accommodations. Theoretically, while he was out to work a few days later, I might have climbed underneath his home, put air in the tires, pulled the four supports and jacked up the front end.

When he came home, it may or may not have gone down the hill and in the street. He may have gotten a ticket for that, the bill for the water spewing out, the raw sewage that had come out from it moving, and of course the jacked up power lines.

But that would be pretty intense, and even though all that happened to his trailer, I wouldn't want to claim any kind of responsibility...

That would be wrong..."

A Moron Of A Co-Worker
A Moron Of A Co-Worker

"I had a coworker that was supposed to show me around. Instead, he shoved a chair at me. This was a high-paying job that had some unique software development that needed some guidance and explanation. The guy acted all buddy-buddy when another person was in the room, but was hostile over any questions. While I mostly learned how to do the job in 90 day trial period, he went out of his way to make sure my work would fail and I was let go.

The guy spent the next year stalking my house, throwing trash on my lawn or driving by. He'd flip me off if he saw me and sometimes drove by several times.

After a year, I decided to flood him with junk. I signed him up to get more info from every political SuperPac I could. I put his number and address to get Scientologists, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses to come to his door. I signed him up for magazines such as Janitorial Supply and Highlights magazine to come to him. Then I signed him up for a Landmark seminar. I did this all in one evening. Months later, he called the cops and I admitted to the prank. I was charged with one case of forgery over the Highlights magazine, which was later removed from my record.

I felt stupid, but it did get the dude to stop stalking my house.

I told the cop everything and I think he had a talk with him. I had no proof that it was him throwing garbage on my lawn, I just happened to see him do it once. Having cameras to catch him wasn't practical. He was on public streets so there was nothing the police would do. I later learned that he was eventually fired from that job and he has a reputation that follows him around."

Getting Revenge On The Stereotypical Bully
Getting Revenge On The Stereotypical Bully

"There was this dude whom I knew since grade school and he had always hated me, since day one. It's pretty much my version of 'I'm the nerd and he's the cool guy.' He is a bully to my friends but he never bullied me because he had a had a crush one of my best friends (now my girlfriend) and up until this day, he still has a crush on her.

In high school, once he got his driver's license and a brand spanking new car, he always would try to run me over when the opportunity was possible. The day actually came when he actually hit me. It wasn't enough to send me to the hospital for a long stay, but I got one heck of a bruise. Even after that, he still would attempt to run me over. Eventually I had enough of his nonsense. I organized a series of revenge pranks on the guy, some of which involved popping his car's tires once in a while, or stink bombing the inside of his car.

The prank group I formed went as far as posting his suggesting and embarrassing pics The worse thing I actually did was putting poison ivy in his laundry basket. Over all, we covered our tracks well so he had no way of proving anything.

In the end, we were finally at peace."

A Team Of Revengers
A Team Of Revengers

"Back in college, I had a friend (let's call him Bob). Bob's girlfriend was assaulted by a mutual (former) friend. Later, the assaulter was convicted of the crime and sentenced. When he was arrested, they seized his computer (he had been emailing to one of his friends about the assault, apparently) and found a ton of child smut. So yeah, his life is ruined. He's still in jail. Justice served, right? Well, that wasn't enough for Bob, and this all went down before the convict was arrested...

When we heard about what happened to Bob's girlfriend, a few other buddies and I started planning a petty revenge scheme. I didn't want to do anything criminal, and in hindsight I feel pretty bad about my small contribution. It was my friends who carried out the more heinous acts.

The weekend after the assault, the convict threw a big party at his house. He had his own place (mommy and daddy were big shot lawyers and paid for everything) and everybody- I mean everybody- was at this freaking party. So we all went to the party, each with our own mission. My part was simple: I collected all of my cat's turds in a gallon-size Ziploc bag for a week. It was an impressive and foul sum, I'll tell you that much. What can I say, my cat was sick, old, and fat. At the very end of the party, after the convict was asleep and all the guests had either passed out or left, I emptied the contents of the Ziploc into his microwave and set it to cook for 99 minutes.

Bob super-glued the locks, handles, wiper blades, and gas tank shut on the convict's brand new Mercedes, slashed his tires and, for good measure, shoved a potato up the exhaust pipe.

Another of my co-conspirators pooped in the tank of his toilet (you know, the back part - an 'upper-decker') and cut the power cord on his fridge in half. Another dumped a huge container of glitter from the craft store in his clothes dryer and poured Dave's Ghost Pepper Sauce on all the food in his fridge.

Finally, one of my buddies took a leak on a plate, froze it, and slid the frozen disc under the sleeping assaulter's bedroom door, then dumped six or seven gallons of milk all over his living room carpet.

As far as I know, the dude is rotting in prison and still doesn't know who did any of that, but I'm guessing he knows why."

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