Long Travel Day Matched With The Nightmare Flight


Long Travel Day Matched With The Nightmare Flight

Everyone has had their fair share of horrible flight experiences. Whether it's canceled flight, turbulence, babies crying, or rude passengers, everyone has their story. A couple months ago a teenaged boy, we will call him Alex, went through a rude passenger experience on his long travel day and shared his experience on Reddit. This experience was not typical to what others talk about when they talk about rude passengers on a flight.

He flew Southwest from Baltimore to Pittsburg, then Pittsburg to Las Vegas, then Las Vegas to Boise in order to visit his grandma. It was on these travels that he experienced his own personal nightmare.

When Alex first boarded in Baltimore, he was allowed to choose his perfect seat in the back of the plane. His perfect seat was interrupted by a pregnant woman and her husband. At first he did not think too much of it, because they looked like a nice enough couple and he figured he could ask them to move over so he could have his seat back. Little did he know this tiny request would have large repercussions.

When He Realized It Was Going To Be A Long Flight


When He Realized It Was Going To Be A Long Flight

When Alex got back to his seat, he noticed that there was a pregnant lady sitting in his seat, and her husband sitting in the aisle seat, while his jacket was thrown on the ground in the aisle and his backpack, which held his laptop, was underneath it. He could not believe how rude this was, and really questioned why they did it.

Of course Alex was annoyed and he pointed out that he was previously sitting in the window seat and he wanted to know if he could have his seat back.

The pregnant lady responded aggressively by saying, "Can't you see that I am pregnant and need this seat?" Alex was shocked by this answer, and he did not really know what to say to it.

Then Alex asked the husband if he could please scoot over and sit next to his wife, he responded with, “Sorry, but we are allowed to choose our own seats and I chose the aisle seat.” Being a high school senior, Alex wasn’t that big of a guy, but he was still not happy to be sitting in the center seat. But Alex realized that he was not going to win this argument so he collected his stuff and moved to the center seat.

But the next thing the pregnant lady said threw Alex over the edge and made him realize just how long this flight was going to be.

Once Alex sat down, the lady said to him, "You can’t have your backpack under your seat, you’re going to have to find a place to put it.”

Alex, very confused, responded with, “I’m just going to put it under my seat”.

“Where am I going to put my feet, then?” she demanded.

Alex's blood was boiling. He was already sitting in the center seat and now he had to give up the area under his seat?

"I don't know, not under my effing seat," said Alex.

Suddenly he feels someone grab his collar. The husband pulled him inches from his face and said, “Don’t use that language to my wife or the baby, you will say you’re sorry.”

The Flight Had Not Even Taken Off Yet


The Flight Had Not Even Taken Off Yet

Of course Alex was shocked, he had never been grabbed like that before and did not know what to say or how to react. He started thinking, not only was this guy grabbing him in public, but at the time he was only 17, and still considered a minor. So he knew he could use that as an advantage.

But not wanting to make a deal out of this, he gave the most insincere, "I'm sorry," to the woman and put his earbuds in as the flight was getting ready to take off.

While taxiing down the runway, the lady kept trying to get his attention by yelling in his ear and snapping her fingers inches in front of his face, before she finally pulled his earbuds out.

Alex screamed, "WHAT!"

She told him that he needed to take off his earbuds and turn off all electronics before take off.

The thing the lady did not know was that Alex's dad is a pilot and he has confirmed that electronics don’t interfere with communications, it's mostly a formality so that people pay attention to the emergency instructions.

So Alex was very annoyed at this point.

Naturally, since he knows this information, he ignores her. She did not like that Alex was ignoring her and in rage, she spams the flight attendant button so that one comes over in a panic wondering what was wrong.

This led to take off being delayed because no one could be standing up when they first enter the air.

The flight attendant runs over and ask what was wrong expecting an emergency and she learns that the lady is really just a tattle tale. The lady told the flight attendant, “He won’t turn off his electronics before flight. He is trying to kill us!”

Alex realizes everyone is staring at them all, because the flight is now delayed. So, when the flight attendant asks him to turn it off, he obliges. He just wanted this nonsense to end.

But of course, after he turns it off, the lady begins to lecture him about how she was right and he was wrong. Alex just sighs and waits for the moment he can turn his phone back on and listen to music, but he knew in the back of his head, knowing this couple, there were probably more annoyances coming.


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