Police cars should convey seriousness and confidence. They should be easily identifiable and project an air of authority. These police cars don't do any of that. They actually do the complete opposite of that. These cruisers will have you rolling on the floor, laughing. From flippin' out to cruising sandwich cops, these police cars project an air of hilariousness!

Look out it's the Flippin cops!

A lot of people have the same reaction when they see law enforcement, whether they are in Flippin, Arkansas or not! At least in Flippin, you aren't swearin'.


Maybe this is kind of reverse psychology to trick bad guys? They're probably thinking, "the police can't be that obvious" just as the undercovers bust them!

This Is A Car You Can Outrun

Literally outrun, like, on your own two feet. No superbike or hypercar needed, just a solid pair of running shoes.

Are These The Guys That Busted Jared?

They are here to protect and serve...the sandwich-loving population. If you didn't get mustard, or there were sprouts on your club sandwich, maybe you can get relief from The Sandwich Police!

Not Exactly Intimidating

This would just be funny. Imagine getting chased down by this little thing?

It's A Complicated Relationship

They are here to make sure everyone has a good time and no one is selfish.

They Are Real Party...

This has to be the crew that breaks up all the high school parties. Party poopers. State-wide.

Rollin' In The Roller

This cowboy is serious about his rims. At least it's inconspicuous. Or not.

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