Photographers and computer graphics editors can do amazing things with old black and white photos. These incredible photos have been painstakingly colorized using very modern technics and the results and nothing short of breathtaking!

John and Jackie Kennedy, 1953

Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, 1955

Female factory worker during World War II

A Polish photographer during World War II uses a backdrop to hide the devastation.

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin (to the left of Einstein) at the premiere of Chaplin's film City Lights.

Nikola Tesla

Booker T. Washington

Female aviators during World War II

A 24-year-old Winston Churchill

Kayan women check out a guard at St. James' Palace in London in 1935

The 72nd Highlanders Regimine in Crimea in 1854

Harriet Tubman

Abraham Lincoln, before becoming President

Titanic Leaving Port In England, April 10th, 1902

Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley in the Oval Office

A young Marlon Brando

Charles Lindberg in front of his plane, The Spirit Of St. Louis

London's Tower Bridge Under Construction in 1889

The Jersey Shore, 1905

Kirk Douglas with his son, Michael

An East German's soldier leaps to freedom in 1961

A Sharecropper and his son in California during The Depression, 1936

A car crash in New York City in 1921

The men of Easy Company (HBO's Band Of Brothers) after capturing Hitler's mountain retreat, 1945

Unwrapping the Mona Lisa after she was kept protected during World War II

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